Monday, October 22, 2012

Ninja Anim

I put this process sheet together for an article on Mark of the Ninja but it wasn't used so I'm posting it here. Basically the red roughs are the keys as drawn in Flash. Then for purposes of getting rough anim in the game quickly I tightened up my keys and filled them grey so they'd read over the bg's. The colored versions are the end product after being built in Flash. Later!


Wesley said...

These are dang cool!

Question: Do you do all your animation in Flash?

Another question: Do you ever dabble in symbol animation? The reason why I ask is because some of your earlier run cycle GIFs (which are awesome btw) look like symbol animation. If that's the case, do you still use Flash or do you animate in Aftereffects? Or do you use something different entirely?!

anthony carriero said...

man , you are seriously very skilled.
great style.

I would love it if you could share your animation workflow?
seeing your process, even just going through it in a couple of sentences, would be very cool.

Aaron said...

Like I was telling Wesley, the stuff on that Ninja process sheet was all done in Flash. I just draw the rough poses and keys like I would on paper, using a cintiq in Flash. Then for the final inbetweens and cleanup I use Flash symbol animation. I keep meaning to do a quick process video, hopefully someday soon! Anyway glad you like it. Cheers.

Zippytom said...

Thanks for the Ninja! I've just passed last stage and I love it! Great job!