Saturday, November 05, 2011

Canadian Game Developmet Talent Awards

Hey everybody! So I was in Montreal the past week taking in MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit) and the Talent Awards where I received an award for Animator of the year. I will scrounge a photo of the event if possible real soon here. I've included a list of the winners in the other catagories as well. Congrats to all the nominees! Anyway it's great that individual achievement is being honored in Games and everyone involved should be very proud!

The 2011 winners are: 
Animator of the Year 
Aaron Bouthillier (Shank) 
Designer of the Year 
Kris Piotrowski (Sword & Sworcery EP) 
Programmer of the Year 
Frédéric Blais (Michael Jackson The Experience) 
Emerging Talent Richard Flanagan (Fract) 
Audio Professional of the Year 
Simon Ashby (Wwise) 
Producer of the Year 
Casey Hudson (Mass Effect 2) 
Visual Artist of the Year 
Craig Adams (Sword & Sworcery EP) 


milkbery said...

Aaron that is so awesome. Congratulations!!! It is really inspiring to see that you have fully embraced your talents and fulfilled your dream of becoming an animator :)

Aaron said...

Thanks Kim that means a lot to me! I know you continue to pursue yours as well!

nico said...

well well well. animator of the year ? ATTA BOY !!! congrats man :)

Harley mamma said...

Hey Cuz.. "CONGRATS" for you on your Awesome Award... hats off honey..

you totally deserve it.. you have such phenomenal drawings..
thank-you for sharing these with us, and we want you to know how inspiring your work is.. YOU ROCK MAN.. T

Danyell Rosenbaum said...

hey that's great :) i hope your success rubs off on me. :)

Aaron said...

Hey Thanks a lot everyone!