Sunday, September 10, 2006

The first page is the title and te following pages are the beginnings of a longer story. I haven't had time to include the dialogue yet (using illustrator) but the gist of the story should be obvious.


iamthewillrus said...

hhhmmm...let me see if I got this right. You come round to pick up ben after a hard days work of washing intersteller transport vehichles. You two naturally go to the futuristic ship and anchor where you enhoy some beers and some laughs ( I assume the Ugly alien is Shane) then afterwards you hear evil dooers doing evil deeds but the intervention goes awry and your saved by who I can only assume to be your girlfriend of the time. Your art work get's more impressive everytime I see it. Your story telling ideas are as shitty as ever. just jokes, but I can'r wait for more.

kyle balluff said...

nice, a strong sence of composition.